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Festival Volunteer

The following are different positions we are looking to fill for the days of the event:

DOOR PERSON – Check for appropriate badges,  report any problems to the Site Manager.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Check in volunteers, brief  them on duties etc.

SITE MONITORS – See that  your venue has personnel at the doors at all times, see that it is clean, watch for abuse of reserved seating, see that water monitors are doing their job, write down the room attendance for each band,etc.

ROVERS & CLEANUP – Tidy up between sets.  You are the “eyes and ears” of the festival. Help with finding seats and watching for saved seats.  Report to Site Manager or Festival Director, with any problems.

FRONT DESK PERSONNEL – Checking in pre-sales,  Cash Sales, Credit card sales.

CLEAN  UP AFTER FESTIVAL – Help pack up supplies after festival

TRANSPORTATION – Driving to Airport, Hotels to St Martin’s, Etc Golf Carts

  • Festival Director – Walt Bowen
  • Site Manager – Karen Bowen
  • Pre-Sales & Passes – Becky Bond
  • Raffle Sales – OPEN
  • Cash Sales – Edna Klein and Ray Welander
  • Credit Card Sales – Charlotte Dickson
  • Transportation – Pete Pease

Volunteer at the Festival

    Please check the job(s) you would like to be assigned: 8 volunteered hours eligible for 3 day pass.